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Join the Rising Stars Program and Discover Your Confidence

Consent to Fees

I agree to the the payment schedule as follows:

  • $50 Registration Fee Paid now

Class Payment (payment choices listed below)

  • $50 Auto-Payments Scheduled Monthly (8 months from September - April)

  • $80 Auto-Payments Scheduled Monthly (5 months from September - January)

  • OR if you choose to pay the $400 balance in full (after the $50 registration fee) by 9/15/24 you will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the Rising Stars performance of your choice.

* Withdrawl/refund policy: If you would like to withdraw from the class, please fill out our drop form.

*Upon completion of evaluation, you will receive an email with your child's placement and tuition payment instructions.

Registration Payment

Select an item ($)

*Please email to request scholarship details. Scholarships are available through a partnership with The Hope Center.
Continue to Evaluation Signup here.

Registration Process:
✅ contact info

✅ student experience

✅ parent consent form

✅ media release form

☐ consent to payment/fees

☐ $50 registration fee
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