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This is by no means a complete resource guide for ALL questions, so if you have a question, or even a follow up question, please feel free to 

E-mail moreinfo.ltmt@gmail.com

Break a leg!

Do I really have to send in my headshot and resume?

YES!!!! We have this handy-dandy brand new technology, called e-mail, it's awesome, it means that the production coordinator can add your headshot to your audition form!!!! Boom! That's the sound of a million trees clapping! (Yes, someone was in the forest, so yes they heard it.)  In an effort to save trees, and to give the production team a face to put with a name, the Production Coordinator adds the photo to the audition form.  If a headshot is not emailed by the Friday before auditions, the picture below is added to the audition form.  True story. Don't be a face palm.  Be ahead of the herd.  


What if I have conflicts?

Be as honest as possible on the conflict calendar.  As a community theatre, we want to work with as many people as possible, and we DO work with people with performance conflicts. For example, someone else may have the exact opposite conflicts, and you can be double cast. That gives us two great additions to our family, and you an opportunity to be in a great role.  

Sometimes conflicts are so numerous that we have to decline a role offer, but we usually do our best to work around your conflicts.

Do I have to come to the Dance Audition?

Yup.  Your ability to learn, and your willingness to move are as important as mastering sweet, sweet, moves.  Unless you have a conflict that has been pre-stated, missing dance could oust you from the running.  The Dance audition is just as important as your vocal audition. Missing the Dance audition is bad juju, don't miss.  And if you have a conflict, email productions, we'll try to figure something out.  

What is the rehearsal schedule like?

Typically all rehearsals start no sooner than 11 weeks out from opening, and no later than 8. This varies by show/Director.  Rehearsals are Monday thru Thursday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00. Tech rehearsals start the Saturday before opening at 1:00 and go to 11:00 pm (with a dinner break), ditto for Sunday.  The week before opening everyone is called at 6:00 or 6:30 and the rehearsal goes until the show is finished.

When will the Cast list be posted?

That's a tricky question as every Director is different.  Don't lose hope if you haven't heard anything after a week.  It has taken us that long before.  Role offers are sent via email, and posted on-line 1 to 2 days afterwards.

How will I be notified if I have/have not been cast?

An email will be sent to within a week.  Make sure you give us the correct email address, and that you type it in correctly.  An incorrect address can mean sadness and delays for you.

Can I use a CD/ipod/ipad/cell phone/tape deck/8-track/reel to reel?

If you don't know what those last three are, don't sweat it, that was a giggle for me. We have an 1/8th inch adapter, that can be plugged in to a phone and we take CD's.  Just make sure there are no vocals on it.  We can't stress enough though, the superiority of using the pianist and sheet music.  That shows how musical you are and how well you follow/lead.  

I'm 14, can I audition?

Always check the casting announcement (they go out about a month before auditions) if they don't have an age limit, go for it!  Many talented teens have not only graced our stage, but had really awesome roles.  You won't know if you don't try!  And if not, that's one more audition that you conquered! Practice makes perfect!

Who needs a background check?


If you are 18 or older, and want to volunteer (act, crew, usher, build etc.,) you MUST have a completed background check on file.  This includes the parents of our actors, and crew.  Why? We at the Palace pride ourselves on our friendly family atmosphere, and as an educational space.  We take the safety of our patrons, volunteers and friends seriously.  We want this to be a safe space, and take strides to make it so!  We send a background check link to our actors when we offer them a role.  This check is at the Palace's expense and only our administrator sees the results.  Background checks are completed every 3 years.

I'm conflicted about what roles I will accept, what should I do?

In this as in all things, honesty is the best policy.  If you don't want ensemble, don't tell the production team you will accept it.  Saying no doesn't mean your aren't a team player, it just means you want what you want, and that is all.  It is bad form to tell a production team that you will take "any" role then turn them down when they offer you "any" role.  Be honest, it will take you far my friend.  

Do you compensate (pay)?

At this time we do not, we are a community theatre and not-for-profit (501c3).  


What if I have questions you didn't cover here? [That have to do with the Palace/Productions, Auditions or The Palace Theatre.  (whew, almost left that too wide open didn't I? :D)]

E-mail moreinfo.ltmt@gmail.com

  We LOVE to help!

Be sure to visit us online at Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

Mailing Address: 3109 MacArthur Ave, Lago Vista TX,  78645  -   512-468-6081

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